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We Need More Developments!

29 Apr 2010 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

As we all know the Australian property market has been out of control lately! If you listen to the news you would have no doubt heard stories of property prices going up and up and this is probably partly due to there not being enough houses to go around.

There just isn’t enough development of new homes in progress right now. Areas like Edmondson Park and Middleton Grange are at a stalemate, because of the huge infrastructure levies imposed by the Government.
It is funny, on the one hand they are handing out freebies in the form of halving stamp duties for new homes, but on the other hand developers are sick of the red tape involved when dealing with councils and governments and the at the end of the day, sit on their hands and do nothing. I think something needs to give.
So what needs to be done? I think that the Government needs to have a look at further incentives that will help encourage housing developers or at least get rid of some of that dreaded red tape.
Australia’s population is steadily increasing, especially where we live in Western Sydney, so if we don’t get these new developments under way we are going to find ourselves in a lot of trouble very soon.
The Government needs to think of something and fast! What do you think needs to be done?

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