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How to make your property search easier

16 Jul 2010 Casula 0 Comment

Finding the perfect home can be hard work. When we set out to make a purchase sometimes we end up looking at dozens of homes without really realising what we’re looking for.
I’ve found one of the best strategies when searching for properties is to write down two separate lists.
The first list is the “must haves” list. This is everything that your new home needs to have for you to buy it.
For example maybe you need 2 bathrooms, or a certain number of rooms. Do you need room outside for a pet or do you need to be close to public transport?
Once you have decided all of your must haves, then you can think about the “nice to haves”. This list is comprised of all of those things you would like for your home, but could compromise and live without if you had to. You might want an ensuite for example, or a spare room, but would be willing to give these up if the property was perfect in every other way.
After you’ve written your lists down, hand them over to your real estate agent. This way your agent knows exactly what you’re after and it can save you both time as you won’t get shown through properties you don’t want.
Try making your checklist at home and see if it helps you in your property search.
Happy house hunting!

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