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Number Plates Go Digital

5 Aug 2010 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

In this world there are always new inventions and technology moving us ahead. The other day I heard about a new invention that may change our old humble number plates.
This new invention is a “digital car number plate” and it is being considered for use in California.
The new advanced number plates would flash advertisements when a car has stopped for more than four seconds. Drivers would also be able to display personal messages, maybe something like “car for sale” or “marry me” or maybe it will become like a tweet that’s displayed on your car.
It would certainly give us something to look at when we’re waiting at traffic lights.
Of course for safety reasons the number plate number would still be displayed somewhere on the screen at all times and the screens could even be used in emergencies to alert of traffic conditions.
I’m not sure what would happen when the number plate malfunctions though. Would that mean cars would get to drive around without being identified? Sounds like a cool idea though, what do you think?

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