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Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

4 Oct 2010 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

Environmental sustainability is a huge issue that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. While some people are choosing to renovate their homes or build whole new ones to become more sustainable, there are a few simple things we can all do to lower our energy and water consumption.
*Use less water – Everybody can use less water if they try. Not only can we all try and have shorter showers, but we should also fix all of our leaking taps and make sure we have a full load of dishes before putting the dishwasher on for example.
If you are more serious about saving water another option is to install a grey water system, get water-saving taps (these are fairly cheap) or installing a rainwater tank.
*Use less power – Saving on power usage in the home can come down to diligence. If you leave a room turn the lights off. Also turn appliances off from the wall and don’t leave them in standby mode.
Getting fluorescent light bulbs will also help cut down on your power usage. If it is heating or cooling you are worried about then there are lots of old fashioned methods you can use such as door snakes to keep the draught out in winter, or wearing cooler clothes in summer instead of using air conditioning.
If you are willing to spend a bit more you could also install a solar hot water system or solar panels which is a more sustainable energy source.
*Waste less – There are a number of ways to reduce household waste. First try not to buy more than you need. Plan your meals and avoid products with too much packaging. Also reuse and recycle products whenever you can.
As you can see there are lots of simple things you can do to help cut down your environmental footprint, and some of them should help you save money too.
For more ways to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle head to www.1degree.com.au.

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