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Boosting Security at Your Casula Home

4 Apr 2011 Casula 0 Comment

Does your home’s security need a boost? A lot of us live in neighbourhoods that are generally safe, but it always feels better knowing that you are safe and secure in your home.
Home security can be expensive though so I thought I would provide some ideas to help boost home security, without breaking the bank!
One easy way to boost security is to get sensor lights installed around your home. These are best installed around gates and windows, and are a good way of alerting you at night if somebody is outside. They can also scare people away from your home, when you’re not around.
Sensor lights can easily be installed by yourself, or you can purchase sturdier versions that will probably need an electrician to install, if they’re not simply replacing an old light fitting.
Another thing you can do is remember to lock your gates!  If your gates aren’t locked then you could be allowing easy access into your front and/or backyard. If an intruder can’t see a way to easily enter and exit your home, it’s unlikely to be a home they want to break into.
It’s also important to keep your valuables out of plain sight. If you have valuable goods viewable through windows of your home or sitting in your front yard, you may be tempting thieves. But if the temptation isn’t there, then there’s no reason why your home would be the target of a break in.
If you want to spend a little more on your home security, then you could consider getting security screens fitted over your doors and windows, installing deadlocks on entry doors, and/or installing an alarm system.
It’s important to feel safe and secure in your home, no matter where you live, so hopefully some of these ideas help you sleep a little sounder at night.
If you have any more ideas or tips on how to boost home security for the Casula community, then please leave a comment so we can all benefit and make our community feel safer!

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