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Winter Garden Care for Casula Real Estate

20 May 2011 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

There are a lot of gorgeous gardens in Casula, but it’s important to make sure we don’t neglect them, especially during the cooler weather.
When the weather is cooler, plants don’t lose as much water to evaporation as they do in the summer months, so be careful not to over-water your garden – particularly in shaded areas. If you have an automatic watering system in your garden, then it’s probably a good idea to halve its watering time until the weather warms up again.
When you do go to water your garden, do so in the morning so that the plants have a chance to dry off before the sun goes down, which will help reduce the risk of your plants developing fungal diseases. Also try to water the soil rather than the foliage to help prevent fungal diseases.
Just because plants don’t need as much water though, doesn’t mean that they don’t need other nutrients. It’s still a good idea to fertilise plants in winter for example, but you may want to use a different fertiliser to the one you usually use. In winter you should be choosing a fertiliser that is high in potash (potassium), whereas one high in nitrogen is better for spring and autumn weather.
Hopefully these simple tips will help keep your Casula gardens flourishing in the winter time, but if you have any more tips that you think might help our local gardeners out, then let us know!

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