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The Best Heater For Your Home

15 Jun 2011 Casula 0 Comment

It’s been freezing in most parts of Australia these last few weeks and I’m sure we’ve all been getting out the heaters to try and keep our homes warm. But if your heating isn’t quite making the cut anymore then your probably wondering if it’s time to invest in better heating for your home.
There are lots of different types of heaters around – here is a list of heating choices and a little bit about each of them:
Electric Heating – There’s lots of different types of electric heaters around, such as fan heaters or radiators and the great thing about them is that they are cheap to buy. Electric heaters aren’t so cheap to run though and they are only really useful for heating up small areas.
If your place doesn’t get cold very often though, then an electric heater is probably the way to go as it can give you a quick burst of heat for those rare cold nights when you need it.
Gas Heating – If you use heating regularly in your home, gas heating is probably a better option than electric as it is much more cost effective. If you don’t have gas or a convenient gas outlet in your home you can buy portable gas heaters, but just be aware that these don’t have vents so can’t be used in rooms that have no ventilation.
Wood fire heating – Wood fire heaters are becoming very popular in Australia as they have that old charm that is similar to a fire place. Wood fire heaters are self contained though and therefore less smoky and are also very good at keeping the home nice and warm. If you live on a property with easy access to wood then wood fire heating is a great option, but those who live in city areas can easily purchase wood too.
Air conditioners – Reverse cycle air conditioners are a popular option in Australia because they can be used to help keep the home cool in the hot summer months too. Air conditioners aren’t quite as efficient as gas heaters though, but they are more efficient at heating rooms than other electric heaters.
Underfloor heating – If you want to go all out then underfloor heating may be an option for you. Most homes that use underfloor heating use it in bathrooms, but they can also be used in other rooms in the house. Many people like the idea of underfloor heating because it’s out of sight, however it is quite an expensive option and probably more suitable for really cold climates.
As you can see there are plenty of heating options available and the one you choose will really depend on the type of home you have and what rooms you want to keep warm. Whether you own or rent may be another consideration, but if you are still confused then I’m sure your local hardware/department/electronics store will be able to offer you more advice.

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