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From Winter to Spring: Casula Gardens

12 Aug 2011 Casula 0 Comment

With less than a month left of winter, we thought we’d look at what you can do to spruce up your home leading into spring. After all, who around Casula doesn’t love seeing the fresh green foliage and colourful gardens that spring brings with it!
If you haven’t yet fertilised your garden, pop down to your gardening or landscaping centre and talk to the experts about which fertiliser to use. In colder months it’s best to use a fertiliser that’s high in potassium to help with durability. Late winter is also a great time to prune back trees, hedges and shrubs.
When the warmer weather starts to approach you should notice your trees and shrubs sprout new foliage and your bulbs and flower beds start to thrive and bud. Blossoms should start to appear and you may notice an increase in bee activity. Bees are GREAT for your garden, as they pollinate your plants.
If you have potted plants you may like to start thinking about re-potting them in fresh, nourishment rich soil. Pot plants should be re-potted every 2-3 years.
Mulch your garden and mow the lawn, or at least give it a good feed of lawn food to bring it back to life after the cold weather. Mulch will help to maintain the heat in the earth and boost your plants.
Let’s get Casula looking great for spring! We only have a few weeks left between now and then, so let’s hop to it!

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