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Prepare Your Casula Real Estate For Spring

26 Aug 2011 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

Spring is almost here, and for a lot of homeowners in Casula, this time of year inspires us to brighten up the home in anticipation of the warmer weather.
If you are looking for ideas on how to clean and revitalise your home this spring, then here are 10 simple things you can do at your home:
  1. Wash the house down – No matter what materials make up the outside finish of your house, there’s no denying that it can build up dirt and grime over time, which doesn’t look very good. By giving the outside of your house a good wash and removing all of the bird droppings, sap, tannins and stains; you can help give your home a new lease on life!
  2. Tidy the garden – There’s plenty of things you can do to spruce up your garden, but a good start is to simply mow the lawn, prune foliage and pull out weeds. You might also like to plant seasonal flowers to help provide a fresh atmosphere in your garden.
  3. Fix that fence – Have you got a few palings out of place? If your fencing is looking a little worse for wear then it might be time to either fix it or put in a new one. Good fencing can drastically improve the appearance of your house and give you and your family (and pets) added security.
  4. Get ready to entertain – As the weather warms up, so does the social season. To help make your outdoor area more inviting for guests, clean your outdoor entertaining area and make sure your outdoor furniture and BBQ is in good repair and ready to use.
  5. De-clutter living areas – If your rooms have started to fill up with belongings, toys and other treasures or knick-knacks, then it’s time to start clearing some of it out. Clutter always makes a place appear messier than it is, so by minimising the things you have lying around, you can help open up your living areas and your home will feel cleaner and more inviting. 
  6. Add a splash of colour – If you feel like you want to brighten up your home for spring then you can, simply by adding a bit of colour. You don’t need to repaint your walls though, simply try adding some coloured cushions, wall hangings or flowers in a room to brighten it up.
  7. First class bathroom – You bathroom may not have cost a million dollars but you can make it look like it does! Make sure that your bathroom is clean and smells fresh and towels are hung up neatly. If you feel that the colours, tiles or fittings in your bathroom are outdated or in disrepair, try shopping around for new taps, spouts and shower heads, paint the ceiling and walls and or even look at painting or replacing tiles.
  8. Enjoy your night’s sleep – How long has it been since you replaced your linen, doona or pillows? There’s nothing like sleeping on fresh, new sheets and a new quilt cover might be just what your bedroom needs to help make it feel like new again.
  9. Prepare your kitchen – Over time kitchens accumulate old food in the pantry or utensils that never get used. Go through your cupboards and throw these things away to provide more space for the things in your kitchen you do use.
  10. Keep your home smelling fresh – It’s much better to walk into a clean smelling home than one that smells stale. Doing things like making sure the kids have put their clothes in the washing basket, hanging towels out to dry, and washing the pets (and removing their litter and food bowls if they’re inside), should help you notice those fresh spring smells when they arrive.
It’s only a few more days until spring now, so hopefully these tips help you get your Casula home ready for the new season.

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