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Hay Fever Is In The Air

8 Sep 2011 Casula 0 Comment

Spring has now arrived, and while most of people love this time of year, it’s not such a great time for hay fever sufferers.
Apparently 1 in 5 Australians suffer from hay fever symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, running nose and sneezing, that are caused by the pollens that circulate in the air during spring.
For those who suffer from hay fever, I’m sure you will agree that it’s not pleasant and it can lead to interrupted sleeps and a general feeling of being run down.
There are a number of ways you can help reduce your exposure to pollen and reduce the symptoms of hay fever though, so to help all of our readers who might suffer from this spring condition, we thought we would share some tips that we found from the Blacktown Sun
*If allergies are severe, avoid going outside during warm, windy and dry days when pollen counts are often high.
*Wear wrap-around sun glasses to protect your eyes.
*Washing your hands regularly can reduce the amount of pollen that gets into your eyes by reducing pollen spreading inadvertently from your hands to eyes.
*Avoid mowing the grass and stay inside when it is being mown.
*If you must mow the lawn, wear sunglasses and a mask.
*Seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist about medications that can relieve hay fever symptoms.

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