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Liverpool Dog Parks

19 Nov 2012 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

Have you ever wondered why some dogs are so well behaved and content while yours jumps madly at visitors and barks as though possessed whenever you’re within 5 kilometres of another animal?  The answer is simple, dogs need exercise and socialization… in short, they need to visit one of the many dog parks in and around Liverpool.

If you’ve ever wanted an exercise buddy to keep you motivated, you’ll quickly learn that nothing is more motivating than a wagging tail waiting eagerly by the door.  Regular walks will have fantastic health benefits for you and your dog, not to mention all the fun you’ll have together.  Walking will also keep your dog’s weight in check, helping to prevent many serious health conditions.

Consider the age, fitness level and breed of your dog to determine the frequency of walking they’ll require as well as how vigorously you should be pounding the pavement.   Most breeds of dog should be walked daily; however, very active breeds may require multiple walks each day.  The more exercise your dog gets, the less likely they are to become bored, frustrated and destructive… and the more likely they’ll be to leave your favourite pair of shoes intact.

Dog parks are specifically designated dog-friendly zones where your mutt can run, play and socialize lead-free.  Many off-leash parks are fenced and include seating, shaded areas, water and dog waste bins.  Some dog parks even offer agility equipment to give your dog a fun workout.  Of course, you still have certain responsibilities as the pet’s owner.  Be sure to bring your lead for the walk to and from the park, never leave home without a scoop and plastic bags for those inevitable clean ups, and make sure you always supervise your pet (no matter how friendly they are), especially around children.

Our Professionals Real Estate team in Casula would love to encourage all Liverpool and Casula residents to get active this summer, and if you own real estate in Liverpool or live within 10km of the area you have easy access to several designated off-leash dog parks, and therefore no excuse for having a frustrated pet.

We’d love to see more Liverpool pet owners out and about with their mutts this spring, so check out www.doggo.com.au to find your nearest canine-friendly parks and share your favourites with us here. 

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