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What does your colour choice say about you?

18 Jul 2013 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

painting with rollerWhether you’re renovating your whole house or just repainting a room, you’ve no doubt been busily collecting colour swatches and filling your wall with ‘test runs’.  A phenomenon known as colour psychology recently made its way onto TV series, The Block Sky High, and we thought it was worthwhile exploring just what the experts believe your colour choice says about you.

According to the experts, blue and green are reasonably safe as they are known to have calming qualities.  Blue appears cool and clean, and research has in fact shown that the colour blue can lower pulse rates and body temperature.  Green has similarly beneficial properties, helping to reduce stress and promote healing.

If you’re after something a little more dramatic black can make a stylish statement, but be warned against using it in small or confined spaces as it could have a restricting affect.  On the other hand, white also has its issues.  A white wall can certainly make a space feel lighter, brighter and larger, it gives many the impression they’re in a cold a sterile space.

A little extra warmth can be found in yellow (pale shades are advised for interior walls), orange and brown.  It seems brown evokes warmth and security, while orange is considered a great choice for children’s rooms and has the added benefit of being associated with improved lung function.  Light pink and light purple are also renowned to have calming affects and make lovely bedroom wall colours, particularly for children.

If you’re after that bold splash of colour you may be considering dark purple over red.  According to colour psychology, dark purple makes a statement, strong shades of pink evoke excitement, but red can be associated with energy, danger or love.  Experts suggest keeping red to the colour of your accents and furnishing to stay on the safe side.

Let us know what you think.  Do you agree, or has the colour psychology chart got it wrong?

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