Growing Herbs and Vegetables – A New Easter Tradition?

Growing Herbs and VegetablesIf you want to start making Easter a healthier time of year for you and your family, then you might like to start a new Easter tradition out in the garden.

One idea is to start growing your own backyard herbs or vegetables that can then be used in your Easter dishes.

If you plan on having fish on Good Friday, then some popular herbs to go with your fish are parsley, coriander or chives. You could then add some fresh lettuce leaves and tomatoes, and teach your kids how the Easter bunny would prefer to eat these kinds of food too, plus carrots of course.

Rosemary, thyme and oregano are also popular herbs to grow, but there are plenty more herb and vegetable options too.

Herbs and vegetables are relatively easy to grow, and you can find most herbs and vegetable seeds in your local shopping centre, nursery or at some markets.

To look after your plants, simply make sure you give them a little bit of water each day, occasionally add fertiliser and provide them with at least five hours of sunlight. It’s also important to give them enough room to grow, so only add one type of herb or vegetable if you’re placing them in small pots.

Growing herbs and vegetables could make for a healthy (and yummy) new Easter tradition for the whole family.

Do you grow herbs or vegetables in your garden? Do you have any garden tips to share with the rest of the Liverpool community?

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