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How to make your home feel more spacious

4 Apr 2014 Stuart Zullo 0 Comment

Home Decorating Trends You don’t need to start knocking down walls in your home to make it feel more spacious. If you have an enclosed area in your home that needs opening up, then there are some simple things you can do to help make the area feel larger than life.

Colour me light

Colour has a dramatic effect on the perceived space in a room. Lighter colours can help make a room feel bigger, whereas darker colours can make it feel more closed in, so opt for whites and pastel shades if you want to open your room up.

Mirror, mirror

Most people will have noticed the sense of space that mirrors can create. Mirrors can be big or small and can be added to multiple places such as cupboards or as splashbacks in a kitchen. Reflective surfaces can have a similar effect too.

Improve natural lighting

The reason that light colours and mirrors make rooms feel bigger is because they help bring more light into a room. You can also increase a room’s natural light by adding in extra windows or a skylight.

Bring in the outdoors

As well as natural light, you might also want to make your space extend to the outdoors, particularly if it already has a door leading outside. Make the outdoors feel like it is part of the room by opening out windows and shutters and by matching the inside and outside décor.

Hideaway clutter

Clutter will always make spaces feel more confined then they are. Add shelves, cupboards, draws or other methods of storage to help hide away your clutter and create extra space in a room for the things you want to show off.

Carefully consider furniture

When you only have a small space to work with you need to keep your furniture streamlined. Transparent furniture could be an option (eg clear coffee tables) or you could use furniture that does double duty such as hidden storage in beds, or a bookcase that doubles as a room divider.

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